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Digital Marketing student testimonial

Why did I study Digital Marketing?

 by James Anderson | 20 Aug 2017 When I finished my Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics several years ago, I had to ask myself a fairly serious questions: What next? I quickly worked out that my abilities lay in the communications and marketing industries, but the more I
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UX user experience

How to develop the perfect website

by Vicki Jeffels | 14 June 2017 At the beginning of the semester I am often asked by web development students ‘how do I develop the perfect website’, to which I reply succinctly. You don’t. To understand my answer, you need to go right back to the beginning and consider the
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Quantum computing and marketing

Quantum computing: What is it and how does it affect marketing?

by Michael Kirkwood | 16 March 2017  What is quantum computing Quantum computing which harnesses the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks is set to disrupt and revolutionise a number of industries. Quantum computers have the potential to perform
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